ASP Juan 2

Did you know that a 3rd grade child who doesn’t read at grade level has a 70% chance of either going to prison or ending up on welfare?

Unfortunately, children from low-income homes comprise the majority of kids who will be more likely to fall behind, and eventually drop-out.This startling fact is just one of the reasons why LifeSTEPS has made a stand for these kids and their futures. Through our signature After School Program, and our summer reading programs, children are not only finding success in reading at grade-level– they are moving beyond all expectations.

Consider Juan. As a 3rd grader his only dream was to join a gang.  He sadly felt that this was the only future available to him.  However, while participating in a LifeSTEPS’ After School Program Juan was given the opportunity to learn about other life options.

With the encouragement from caring adults he was able to envision a far better dream for his life and now Juan wants to be a police officer…helping children avoid the dangers of becoming a gang member!

Your support of LifeSTEPS will provide hope to children like Juan and so many others. In fact, think about the social impact your support can have in just one year…

  • Nearly 8,500 children will participate in LifeSTEPS After School Programs in 2016.
  • In 2015 96% of children in our Summer Reading Program maintained their reading level over the summer break- and 64% actually improved by at least one grade level!

You can make a BIG impact next Tuesday May 3rd by donating to LifeSTEPS for the Big Day of Giving. LifeSTEPS Big Day of Giving donation page