What Will Your Donation Support For Our Residents?

Northpointe Park Backpack Giveaway Aug 2015 (9)(1) super cute familyJust a donation of $25 can buy 3 fully loaded backpacks for our After School Program children! Our LifeSTEPS After School Program gives school aged children a safe place to learn and play right in their own community.

Donate $50 to help a senior retrofit their bathroom for increased safety. LifeSTEPS Senior Services help low income aging adults make healthy lifestyle choice, learn new skills to sharpen their minds and stay socially connected—allowing seniors to live independently longer in their homes, in their community and live a more fulfilled life—this is an impact YOU can help achieve! 

A donation of $150 can support a Summer Reading Program for 10 children!!In 2015 LIfeSTEPS’ Summer Reading Program gave children an academic advantage in low income communities. 98% of Children who participated in this first pilot year saw no decline in their reading levels and 61% showed an increase of at least one grade level in their reading skills. This program clearly left a positive impact on young lives throughout California!  With your support we can purchase books and supplies to help even more children become lifelong readers! 

A $400 donation will provide emergency assistance to catch low income residents before they fall into homelessness and increase their self-sufficiency for the future. LifeSTEPS Client Assistance Program helps both families and seniors when they are faced with a financial crisis that threatens their housing stability. Working with a LifeSTEPS Director of Social Services, families and individuals gain skills in budgeting and accessing community resources.

To make a donation to any of these programs go or click here!