Pete, Joey and Harrison*—their bright and shiny faces reflect a carefree childhood now, but a few months back their parents were facing every family’s worst nightmare: cancer.

These darling boys llittle boys for storyive with their parents Tina and Dave* in an affordable housing community in the Sacramento area. Tina is the primary income earner for the household, so as you can imagine when Tina’s doctor discovered a lump in her lymph nodes the possibility of cancer was terrifying.

Also devastating was the realization that a long term illness would bankrupt the family’s finances and put them at risk of losing their home. It didn’t take long before Tina’s medical appointments and surgery led to a huge loss of wages and had them worried about how to put food on the table and keep up with their rent.

Asking for help isn’t easy and this family prides itself in being self-sufficient.  At the time Tina didn’t yet know the results of her biopsy. This stress, coupled with the added financial worries was overwhelming. Tina and Dave reached out to their LifeSTEPS Director of Social Services for help; and fortunately, they were quickly approved for rental assistance through LifeSTEPS client assistance funds. This financial intervention provided the family with some much needed comfort. At least Tina and her husband knew during this difficult time that their children would continue to sleep, play and live in the only home they had known.

A short time later the family breathed a long sigh of relief… Tina’s test results came back negative for cancer. Today Tina’s health is restored, and the only thing that overwhelms them is a feeling of gratitude for the help they received in their time of crisis.   For more stories of LifeSTEPS impact…

*Names have been changed