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supportive housing programs and services
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effective educational and supportive services to maximize the strengths of individuals and build resilient communities.

We are on a mission to build thriving communities by empowering individuals and families through supportive housing plus services.

LifeSTEPS programs and services include:

  • Empowering low income individuals and families to flourish by providing education and resources.
  • Ensuring our older adults have the opportunity the thrive (age) in place through housing plus services.
  • Encouraging homeless and formerly homeless individuals and families through stable housing and supportive evidence-based services.

“LifeSTEPS was available at just the right time. We love our home and did not want to lose it. It’s great having these services on site.”

“Creating a budget showed me why I always was in the negative with my bank account. Since I created my budget with Lisa, I haven’t had a single overdraft fee!”

“If it wasn’t for LifeSTEPS, I don’t know where I’d be. I couldn’t even get interviews before I attended the New Job 101 class.”

“I used to use my credit card unwisely, but ever since I took the class ‘Control Your Finances,’ provided by LifeSTEPS, I now only use it in case of an emergency.”

“Thanks to LifeSTEPS’ class, I have hope in buying a house for my children. This is a goal that I wouldn’t have set if I hadn’t received the motivation from the class.”

Latest News & Stories

LifeSTEPS teams with CVS Long-Term Care program to vaccinate 93 LifeSTEPS residents and staff

Over the weekend, 93 LifeSTEPS residents and staff received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Hollenbeck Terrace and Broadway Villas, two affordable housing communities with permanent supportive housing services located in Los Angeles.  Three weeks ago, LifeSTEPS staff and residents received their first dose as part of the CVS Long-Term Care vaccination program.  […]

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Help provide effective educational and supportive services to maximize the strengths of individuals and build resilient communities

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