Meredith Chillemi Joins CalOptima Member Advisory Committee

LifeSTEPS Senior Director of Support and Health Services Meredith Chillemi recently attended her first meeting of the CalOptima Member Advisory Committee, lending her guidance and expertise on senior issues for the health plan. For the past year, Meredith served on CalOptima’s OneCare Connect Member Advisory Committee, representing long-term services and supports needs for seniors in Orange Country. LifeSTEPS currently serves 11 housing communities throughout Orange Country, providing education and support to 2,500 older adults.

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Meredith Chillemi joins California Health Advocates’ Board of Directors

LifeSTEPS is pleased to announced that Meredith Chillemi will join the California Health Advocates’ Board of Directors beginning this July.

“This is a transformational time in healthcare as we transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to working with board members on Medicare advocacy and education, as we ensure our older adults in California and younger residents on Medicare with a disability are informed and empowered in understanding, navigating and accessing their health care benefits and rights,” said Chillemi.