May is Affordable Housing Month!

May is Affordable Housing Month! Now more than ever, families need the security and stability of a safe, affordable home. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, nearly 1.3 million households in CA are considered low-income, yet for every 100 of these households, there are only 24 affordable homes available for rent. Because of this, families often sacrifice necessities like healthcare and nutrition in order to make rent, and often face the risk of eviction. Everyone has a right to an affordable place to call home, and LifeSTEPS will continue to support initiatives that expand access to equitable and inclusive affordable housing for all.


Happy National Nurses Day!

Happy National Nurses Day! We created the “Housing Plus Services: RN Coaching” pilot program in partnership with USA Properties Fund as a community-based solution to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for older adults. The RNs were especially critical to the program’s success, enabling older residents of affordable housing communities to continue living independently. Today and every day, we extend our gratitude to all nurses and healthcare workers for their dedication and hard work, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Happy 60th birthday LeadingAge California!

Happy 60th birthday LeadingAge California!  A heartfelt congrats and thank you for all your success and hard work in supporting CA’s older adults, and for featuring two of LifeSTEPS’ affordable housing communities in the 60/60 Tour! LifeSTEPS Executive Director Beth Southorn states, “LifeSTEPS is a proud LeadingAge member and has benefited so much from all the advocacy work that LeadingAge has been doing. We want to thank you for the guidance and the leadership that you offer all of us so we can focus on the important piece which is lives being transformed.” So honored to be part of your celebration!

Making Access to Health Care More Equitable and Fair

Here at LifeSTEPS, our work is grounded on the value of equity and accessibility when it comes to having opportunities and resources for stability and success, which is why we support eliminating a Medi-Cal asset test that hurts California renters and limits equitable access to healthcare. According to a California Budget & Policy Center fact sheet, millions of renters–particularly older adults, individuals with disabilities, and BIPOC communities–face ongoing health disparities on the basis of age, race, ableism, and class. Renters are also compelled to “spend down” savings in order to qualify for Medi-Cal rather than apply that money towards emergencies or retirement. LifeSTEPS encourages state policymakers to join nine states and Washington D.C .in promoting greater and more equitable healthcare access by amending policies that unfairly cause barriers to essential healthcare.