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Do your part to move S.B. 391 forward It’s easy to make sure that our Assembly members in California know how it important it is! Through S.B. 391, it’s a certainty that more Californians will be securely housed and employed! For the first time in 30 years, California is facing virtually NO state investment in affordable homes.

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How will my action make a difference? 

Right now, legislators are hearing from hundreds of interest groups and constituents on a huge variety of issues. In order to pass the California Homes and Jobs Act, we have to do everything we can to get legislators’ attention and explain that the people and communities in their districts will benefit from investment in homes and jobs. The next group to vote on the bill will be Assembly members, and every signature on this petition goes straight to them. 

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Sign our Petition asking Assembly members to make homes and jobs a priority in 2014.

Who will receive the petition? 

When you “sign” by typing in your name and address, the petition will automatically be emailed to your Assembly member (based on your zip code). At a later date, we may also print a copy to deliver to Assembly members. If you’re signing on behalf of an organization, be sure to note that in the “Comments” box.

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Posted on behalf of Housing California and written by Karen Naungayan.

Turning Wheels for Kids Supports LifeSTEPS

HACSC Clarendon Street Chirstmas 2013 jpeg

LifeSTEPS Director of Social Services, Milly Quesada from the South Bay, did the necessary outreach to ensure that many children in need would receive a really cool Christmas present. Through her efforts LifeSTEPS was awarded 26 bikes, valued at more than $3600, from Turning Wheels for Kids. Each bike was equipped with a helmet and lock to ensure safety and security for our youth.

Youth living in affordable housing communities in the Bay Area where LifeSTEPS services are available were selected to receive these brand new bikes. TWFK is committed to providing bikes at the holiday and throughout the year through a number of partnerships focused on preventing childhood obesity and supporting low-income families.

These young ladies at HACSC Clarendon Street Apartments were delighted to receive their new bikes. Both come from families with limited means to provide Christmas presents. Each of their parents had inquired early in the season about accessing programs for families in need so their children would have gifts. When the opportunity from TWFK presented itself, their LifeSTEPS Social Worker immediately thought of these two worthy candidates.

You can imagine the joy these gifts brought; not just to the recipients but their mothers as well. These special gifts made this a Christmas to remember for many families throughout the Bay Region.

These Clarendon Street residents are active community members. The moms attend education classes where they are learning parenting skills, money management and healthy lifestyle choices. As well they serve as volunteers. The youth attend events and are quick to help with set up and cleanup. They also have benefited from the LifeSTEPS After School Program where they are learning social skills, making new friends, and receiving homework assistance. LifeSTEPS programs are designed to equip residents for success and to live their best possible life.

Thank you to Turning Wheels for Kids for helping LifeSTEPS bring holiday joy to families throughout the Bay Area!