Sign the California Legislators: Make Homes and Jobs a Priority in 2014 Petition Today

Do your part to move S.B. 391 forward It’s easy to make sure that our Assembly members in California know how it important it is! Through S.B. 391, it’s a certainty that more Californians will be securely housed and employed! For the first time in 30 years, California is facing virtually NO state investment in affordable homes.

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How will my action make a difference? 

Right now, legislators are hearing from hundreds of interest groups and constituents on a huge variety of issues. In order to pass the California Homes and Jobs Act, we have to do everything we can to get legislators’ attention and explain that the people and communities in their districts will benefit from investment in homes and jobs. The next group to vote on the bill will be Assembly members, and every signature on this petition goes straight to them. 

Take Action:

Sign our Petition asking Assembly members to make homes and jobs a priority in 2014.

Who will receive the petition? 

When you “sign” by typing in your name and address, the petition will automatically be emailed to your Assembly member (based on your zip code). At a later date, we may also print a copy to deliver to Assembly members. If you’re signing on behalf of an organization, be sure to note that in the “Comments” box.

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Thanks for doing your part!

Posted on behalf of Housing California and written by Karen Naungayan.

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