LifeSTEPS’ Caroline Epps to Speak at NPH Workshop

On Tuesday, May 7th LifeSTEPS’ Director of Policy and Partnerships, Caroline Epps, and Linda Coleman from ABHOW, will be teaching a workshop at the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California, also known as NPH.  NPH is the collective voice of those who support, build and finance affordable housing so it’s with great anticipation that LifeSTEPS is able to support them by providing training to their members.  The title of the workshop isBreaking Down Barriers to Service – How to Engage Residents”.

The workshop will focus on strategies used for resident engagement and will cover the following issues:

The strengths and challenges to resident engagement among the various populations affordable housing serves.

Understanding generational differences.

Tools that are used such as conducting needs assessments, building resident committees, and volunteerism.

A collective effort to synthesize best practices shared among the presenters and participants.

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LifeSTEPS Helping Residents Have a Voice on the CA Homes and Jobs Act

In the months of April and May LifeSTEPS staff have been teaching the “Our Political Voice” curriculum with residents. This curriculum has been designed to educate and encourage residents towards civic and community involvement. In tandem with this curriculum, LifeSTEPS staff will be helping to bring support to an effort happening across the State by participating in the Homes and Jobs Act.

The CA Homes and Jobs Act, SB 391, is an effort to provide a permanent source of funding for affordable housing. Efforts across the state are taking place to hear the voice of residents that express support for the passage of this Bill. LifeSTEPS staff are part of a postcard campaign which gives residents of affordable housing the opportunity to sign on the support of the Bill.

The CA Homes and Jobs Act passed the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on a 5-2 vote on Wednesday, April 24th! The victory won in the Governance and Finance Committee was due to the work of many across the state. The Bill will now proceed to the Senate Appropriations Committee.