LifeSTEPS launches Trade School Scholarship Fund

Exciting news for LifeSTEPS residents looking for a change in career path! LifeSTEPS is launching a Trade School Scholarship Fund to provide educational grants to residents in our affordable housing communities. “Trade school scholarships will enable our residents to gain skilled training while supporting their goals of furthering their education and building community,” said Beth Southorn, Executive Director of LifeSTEPS.

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Celebrating Melba Madsen, LifeSTEPS’ January Employee of the Month

As a LifeSTEPS Intensive Case Manager, Melba Madsen advocates on behalf of her residents, empowering them to sustain their housing and meet their personal goals. “Melba’s residents with special needs see her as a friendly face who is there not to do for them but to educate and empower them to live a better quality of life. Her compassion, empathy and relationship-building skills lift our residents into stability and success,” said Jessica Jones, LifeSTEPS Northern CA Project Manager. Thank you for inspiring us every day, Melba!

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Immigration Assistance Fund Opens Doors for LifeSTEPS resident

In May 2021, LifeSTEPS resident Rosa received financial assistance from our Immigration Assistance Fund to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status allowing her to work and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

Thanks to LifeSTEPS’ Immigration Assistance program, Rosa, a single mother of six children and a survivor of domestic violence, recently finished her schooling and received her high school diploma. What’s next for Rosa?  College and then medical school.

“I wanted to work to create a better life for me and my children,” said Rosa. “This funding opened doors for me and will help me become financially independent. With DACA status, I can now apply for financial aid and scholarships for college.”

Rosa and her children love volunteering and participating at LifeSTEPS programs and events at their housing community, especially the after school program (ASP) which four of her children attend. To give back, Rosa plans to volunteer at her local church, help distribute materials to the students in ASP and volunteer at LifeSTEPS events.

Learn more about LifeSTEPS’ Immigration Assistance Fund.

Beth Southorn Named Chair of AASC Board of Directors

The American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC) recently announced that LifeSTEPS Executive Director Beth Southorn will serve as the chair of its Board of Directors.

“I am deeply honored to be selected to lead the AASC Board of Directors,” Southorn said. “I look forward to continued partnership with AASC’s leadership and our committed Board of Directors as we work collectively to advance the interests of the service coordinator profession.”

Southorn has been a leader in the social services field for more than 30 years. As executive director of LifeSTEPS, she has propelled the organization to become one of the premier social services providers in affordable housing, serving 36,000 homes in California.

Southorn succeeds John Diehl, senior advisor at Embrace Living Communities, who served as the chair for six years and will continue to serve as an AASC Board member.