JB Brown Fund February 2018- Coming Full Circle

Rarely does someone come into contact with Angelique who is not inspired by her life story.  Angelique is the definition of resilience.  She came to California as a refugee from Rwanda in 1999, leaving behind a past of incredible sorrow–many of her family members were slain in the violent campaign of the Rwanda government on its own citizens.  Angelique and her husband were lucky to be alive. Despite such personal trauma, they were both hopeful they could start a new life in Sacramento.

The USA Properties Fund community of Silverado Creek has been Angelique’s home now for seven years.  Here, she has continued to work on healing from her past-here at Silverado Creek she has found a supportive community to raise her two sons, ages 11 and 8, and to do what most busy moms do in Sacramento-run between her kids’ soccer games, work, and school.  Angelique is very grateful to be this busy and knows without the JB Brown Academic Scholarship Program, life could have been much different.

The JB Brown scholarships Angelique received have propelled her from earning her AA at Sacramento City College to ultimately transferring to Sacramento State University and earning a four year degree.  At Sacramento State, Angelique majored in Occupational Health and Safety with an emphasis in Aging (Gerontology). This course of study fit Angelique’s caring and empathic character well since she is naturally a giver and is fulfilled by helping others. Angelique opted to do an internship with LifeSTEPS for her gerontology class and this experience has proven to be valuable for her career.  Angelique graduated from Sacramento State in 2016 and immediately applied with LifeSTEPS for a Director of Social Services position serving older adults in affordable housing.

Angelique has been an amazing addition to the LifeSTEPS team and in just a few months on the job she has already had a lasting positive impact for the senior residents she serves. Recently one of Angelique’s properties was featured on Good Day Sacramento for an innovative rock painting class facilitated by one of her residents.  As the camera operator panned the room capturing the residents proudly showing off their painted rocks, Angelique was there in the background–feeling thankful that she was there at all and knowing she had come full circle.

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