LifeSTEPS Leaders Hold Retreat in Sacramento

After a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LifeSTEPS leadership team last week came together for our annual Leadership Retreat.

Over 30 members of our California LifeSTEPS leadership team gathered at our corporate office in Sacramento to reconnect with one another. Led by our amazing Retreat Committee, the two-day event included interactive games, informative presentations, and an afternoon of bowling at FLB Entertainment Center in Folsom.

Our Executive Director Beth Southorn, noted: “After three years of not being able to physically come together, we had a plan to take a beautiful retreat in Applegate. But two days before our gathering, the Mosquito Fire took that plan down. One thing I know is that our LifeSTEPS team can pivot in a crisis. We booked hotels and spent our retreat in our corporate office warehouse, breaking bread, bowling and learning from each other, which proved to be restorative and inspiring. Many old friends celebrated what we all overcame, and many new team members were finally able to place faces (or better yet smiles) with names. I think the picture says it all. At the end of the retreat and after days of laughter, this is the LifeSTEPS Family that makes me proud.”


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