LifeSTEPS Secures Funding from Managed Care Plans for Community Health Worker Services Pilot Program in Los Angeles County

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — LifeSTEPS is excited to announce the successful acquisition of funding from managed care plans (MCPs) in Los Angeles County for the launch of a groundbreaking Community Health Worker (CHW) benefits pilot program.

L.A. Care and our esteemed Plan Partners have committed a total of $167,000 in funding to kick-start the LifeSTEPS California Health Worker (CHW) benefits pilot program. This initiative builds upon our existing efforts in providing Social Services to affordable housing senior residents, extending our reach and impact in promoting health education, disease prevention, and overall well-being for seniors in the community.

Community Health Worker (CHW) services are designed to offer preventive health services aimed at preventing disease, disability, and other health conditions, thereby promoting physical and mental health and prolonging life. The funding for this pilot program is sourced from the Cal-AIM Incentive Payment Program (IPP), a transformative initiative within Medi-Cal that strives to enhance and expand services to ensure Californians receive the necessary care to lead healthier lives.

The Cal-AIM Incentive Payment Program (IPP) supports the implementation and expansion of the California Health Worker Benefits program (CHW) by providing incentives to Medi-Cal managed care plans (MCPs) and Cal-AIM services providers.

Key objectives include:

  • Member engagement and service delivery,
  • Building sustainable infrastructure and capacity
  • Promoting program quality with measurable impacts on utilization.

To qualify for IPP funds, plans undergo rigorous evaluation against new measures and must demonstrate strong performance and continual improvement over time. Managed care plans (MCPs) are encouraged to invest these funds into future improvements, ensuring the enhancement of services offered to Medi-Cal members through Cal-AIM services providers.

Over the last 22 years, I’ve witnessed the challenges seniors face in our affordable housing communities. I am greatly saddened when residents who need support at home are placed prematurely into Skilled Nursing Facilities,” said Beth Southorn, Executive Director at LifeSTEPS. “This fund, with the support of LA Care, empowers communities to embrace healthier lifestyles, as opposed to the hospitalizations we have witnessed. The reality is that our seniors do care about their health, but they are overwhelmed with lifestyle changes that they haven’t fully grasped. As a community, let’s make progress together.

LifeSTEPS remains committed to its mission of creating positive change in the lives of seniors, and the funding secured from L.A. Care and Plan Partners will enable the organization to take significant strides in achieving this goal.

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