RN Coaching Program

Medication Management Results: “LifeSTEPS helped me get back to being me.”

Nancy, an outgoing and social woman, no longer had any desire to participate in community life. She found herself in a situation where all she wanted to do was sleep, which caused growing concern among her fellow community members, including the property management team at her apartment complex. The team made a referral to LifeSTEPS’ Registered Nurse, Staci, so that Nancy could get much-needed assistance.

Nancy struggles with depression, a chronic condition. RN Staci started by assisting Nancy with medication management. Nancy had been prescribed a medication whose known side effects included increasing depression symptoms, excessive drowsiness and dizziness, as well as confusion. Nancy admitted that she did not understand how to take the medication properly. She provided the prescription bottle to RN Staci, who quickly agreed that the instructions were poorly written, and hard to understand even for a medical professional.

RN Staci talked with Nancy about the potential side effects of this medication and strongly encouraged her to discuss discontinuing the medication with her primary care provider at her appointment the following day. Nancy followed Staci’s advice and explained to her doctor that her quality of life had drastically worsened since beginning the medication. Nancy was taken off the medication. Since the medication cleared her system, Nancy experiences fewer depression symptoms, she has organized her apartment, and she has returned to a normal sleep schedule.

RN Staci also collaborated with LifeSTEPS’ Director of Social Services, Joleen, to assist Nancy with the social determinants of health. Joleen connected Nancy with the resources to apply for paratransit, in-home support services, and CalFresh.
Since becoming involved with LifeSTEPS and the RN Coaching program, Nancy’s quality of life has improved to the point that she is using her free time to help others as a volunteer.

Nancy reflected, “LifeSTEPS helped me get back to being me.”