The Benefits of Service Coordination: A Management Perspective

Strong property management and service coordinator partnerships are vital to affordable housing communities. The relationship between the property manager and service coordinator is the key to ensuring that residents have an improved quality of life and stay housed. Service coordination has been shown to have cost savings by our ability to reduce turnover and assist residents to age in place. This video, produced by the American Association of Service Coordinators, shows the property manager’s perspective.

At LifeSTEPS, we are grateful to have strong working partnerships with our property managers all across California. To the property managers we work with, thank you for caring about your residents! Together, we are helping to change people’s lives.

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  1. Angela Banks says:

    What wonderful comments! As a Service Coordinator; these comments are both encouraging and inspiring to my soul. They are also humbling for me. The perspectives are from such accomplished professionals whom give me motivation to continue to giving, sharing and growing in an excellent spirit. Professionalism, Competency, Knowledge and Skills are so important in the daily functions of a Service Coordinator. I am however reminded; at the core of what we do, we are really at our respective sites, to empower our residents, give dignity to their lives and promote a spirit of wellness around them and centered for them. At then end of the day. I am reminded; the work I do, is really the call of the Servant-Leadership. It is the type of leadership that empowers our residents; it builds upon positive and strong property management relationships and it assist in building strong communities.

    Thank you!

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