Eliminating the Medi-Cal asset test will help more LifeSTEPS residents age in place

More LifeSTEPS residents will age in place with the elimination of the Medi-Cal asset test

LifeSTEPS is joining Justice in Aging and the Western Center on Law & Poverty and other aging and disability services organizations to respectfully request that California eliminate the Medi-Cal asset test for seniors and people with disabilities.  The current limit, which has not increased since 1989, prevents low-income older adults and many people with disabilities from saving enough money to weather a crisis, such as an eviction.

The elimination of the asset test in public programs reflects a shift away from requiring low-income people to deplete all their resources prior to receiving help. The vast majority of Californians enrolled in Medi-Cal are not subject to an asset test.  Extending this policy to older Californians and persons with disabilities will help increase financial and housing stability while ensuring people can keep their health care.  Additionally, eliminating the asset limit will simplify the administration of the Medi-Cal program by reducing application and renewal barriers that force people to document their financial accounts and property every year.

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