Making Access to Health Care More Equitable and Fair

Here at LifeSTEPS, our work is grounded on the value of equity and accessibility when it comes to having opportunities and resources for stability and success, which is why we support eliminating a Medi-Cal asset test that hurts California renters and limits equitable access to healthcare. According to a California Budget & Policy Center fact sheet, millions of renters–particularly older adults, individuals with disabilities, and BIPOC communities–face ongoing health disparities on the basis of age, race, ableism, and class. Renters are also compelled to “spend down” savings in order to qualify for Medi-Cal rather than apply that money towards emergencies or retirement. LifeSTEPS encourages state policymakers to join nine states and Washington D.C .in promoting greater and more equitable healthcare access by amending policies that unfairly cause barriers to essential healthcare.

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