Client Assistance

LifeSTEPS’ Program Prepares Family for a Successful Future

Throughout California, hardworking people contribute their time and energy to California’s agricultural industry. Many folks who work in the industry hope for favorable and consistent weather conditions in order to have a good season for growing and harvesting the crops. Yet, as many have experienced throughout the state, weather, with its extreme heat or lack of rain, can throw a nasty wrench into people’s livelihoods.

Back in July, this was Javier’s experience. As an employee of an agricultural company, Javier’s hours were significantly reduced for approximately two and a half weeks due to extreme heat. Javier and his wife Destiny knew that the cut hours would result in a significant financial setback for the family. They had very little in their bank account and the young couple had a then 8-month-old daughter to provide for. But like the crops that are determined to grow despite the unfavorable weather conditions, Javier and Destiny too persisted in not letting the thought of eviction get them down.

The couple sought out support through LifeSTEPS to see what options were available to help them get through the month, including assisting them with covering their rent. Several referrals were made and multiple options were explored, but those avenues did not pan out. Because of their emergency financial situation, Javier and Destiny were good candidates for LifeSTEPS’ client assistance program. The couple was awarded rental assistance, which got them through the month. Also, with the client assistance program’s strong emphasis on budgeting, Javier and Destiny uncovered different resources that set them up for success in saving more money with each passing month.

Today, several months later, both Javier and Destiny are working regular hours, and the family continues to employ the skills and knowledge they received through LifeSTEPS’ financial classes and services. Now, with a growing savings account, the couple is better prepared for life’s unfavorable and inconsistent situations.