Success Story: Lizette’s Five Year Plan

“This program made me think outside the box… to think about the future, and to have a five year program to improve it. When I finish school I want to find a full time job with benefits, be independent and buy a house. This was possible because of this program, and people who believed in me.”

LifeSTEPSLizette* has received help through HUD’s Family Sufficiency Program. This program helps eligible individuals acquire the skills and experience they need to obtain work that pays a living wage, then offers them a unique savings opportunity as their earnings increase called an escrow account. Before the FSS program Lizette did not work and was not in school. She is a single mom with two kids and was feeling aimless.

After enrolling in FSS and with the case management provided by LifeSTEPS, Lizette has been inspired to enroll in school and find a job. She has since found an even better job with the city that compliments her course of study which is Recreation Management. She is the recipient of a STRIVE Scholarship, an award program for Section 8 tenants or tenants of rental properties owned or affiliated with HACSC that supports post-secondary education.

Lizette has successfully completed the FSS Program and will receive about $7,000 for her escrow account which she plans to use to pay her school loans. Lizette is excited about the shape her life is taking and plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2017.

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